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Basketball STRENGTH is the Perfect Fit for ALL Athletes, Coaches, and Players.



Trainer Dave Lemanczyk and his Basketball STRENGTH system will take your game to the next level right now!

  • This program will help you earn Inexhaustible Energy
  • - To be Strong With The Ball
  • - Indomitable Will
  • - Committment To Conditioning
  • - Enhance On-Court Strength
  • - Become an Immovable Force
  • - Lightning Lateral Movement
  • - Add Inches to Your Vertical


Basketball STRENGTH has been completely designed to specifically enhance your performance ON the basketball court. Every part of our system has been made with your success in mind. After either being trained by Dave Lemanczyk directly or using his professional grade products you will agree that Basketball STRENGTH is the perfect solution for a basketball player bar none.

The Basketball STRENGTH program itself is complete with gross motor development boasting the perfect blend of progressive endurance, flexibility, strength, power, and mental toughness application. Not only will it make sense to you (after reading the Book & watching the DVD), it will feel the way you always thought real athletic training should feel. You could be a twelve year old amateur, a thirty-year old professional or a fifty-five year old recreational player and you would find Basketball STRENGTH a perfect fit for you!

Basketball STRENGTH operates centrally out of Islip, New York specializing in teaching the fundamentals of basketball and also implementing our own innovative program. Our services include private skill instruction to individuals, small and large groups.

Together we can become champions,

Dave Lemanczyk

  • "After Dave's Training Program My Career Has Skyrocketed!"
    Maurice "Mo" Bailey , 9 Yr Pro

  • "Basketball Strength is applicable to all levels of athletes, from beginner to world-class".
    Cesar C.
    Certified Teacher

  • "The Only Basketball Training Program That Has Ever Challenged Me!"
    Bryan Bailey 10 Yr Pro

  • "I have been training my son (Avery) after purchasing Volume I and now his jumping ability is off the chart. Several of his team mates are joining the training sessions"!

  • "One Of The Greatest Advancements In Basketball Strength History"!
    Chris Schrade,
    Martial Arts Instructor

  • "This is best workout in my whole life and better than any weightlifting program"!
    Edwin Eckles,

  • "I'm recovering from an ACL surgery and I'm looking forward to coming back stronger then ever with the help of your program"!

  • "I just wanted to thank you for showing me the way to get in the best shape of my life"!
    Bob Collins

  • Sunday, July 21, 2012
    Making the commitment to Basketball STRENGTH will be the best thing you ever do as a player. The information alone will immediately allow you to understand and dominate the game of basketball on a strategic level. Then, your physical skills will gradually progress over time with your consistent effort and Dave Lemanczyk's fundamental knowledge.